If you’re an avid reader or a book enthusiast, you’ve most likely finished reading a book series before. High-profile authors can easily have their books sold out in a few minutes as they’ve established a loyal fanbase over time. On the other hand, new writers may find it challenging to find a decent amount of readers. A book series mockup does a vital role in these cases. These templates are perfect if you want to gather potential clients and let them recognize your book series with the use of your creative cover design.

Here at Book Mockup, our collection of mockup templates will be helpful for your next graphic design project. Scroll over and find the mockup that will bring the best out of your cover design!

A Curated Collection of Book Series Mockups

On this page, you will see a large collection of book series mockups both created by us and found elsewhere on the internet. This exhaustive collection provides easy-to-use Photoshop Mockups for any type of book series you are promoting.

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6 x 9 Hardcover Book Series Mockup

Book Series Mockup 1

If you’re about to launch your book series, this 6 x 9 Hardcover Book Mockup may be the perfect choice for you. It comes in a hardcover which is a sturdy material that can stand the tests of time, compared to other book materials. You can easily edit this mockup using Photoshop CS4 or higher. You’ve already got a lot in your hands; this book mockup will make your job a whole lot easier.

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Book Series PSD Mockup

Book Series Mockup 2

Looking for a mockup that is easy and fully editable? This Book Series PSD is your best option. It’s made simple so you can easily edit it to launch your book series. It’s designed with 3 book images in a side-by-side layout, that showcases the book title in such a way that it’s simple and bold.

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Paperback Book Series Mockup

Book Series Mockup 3

Always wanted to publish your own paperback book series? Here’s our Paperback Book Mockup tailored just for you. It comes in a 5×8 inches layout in cover, and 1 inch on the spine. It’s n high resolution so you’re sure to have a book series that will catch your readers’ attention. It’s simple to edit and comes in an eye-catching design.

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5×8 Softcover Book Series Mockup

Book Series Mockup 4

If you’re looking for a layout with the books stacked together, our 5×8 Softcover Book Mockup is perfect for you. It showcases one book in a way that you can fully see the cover, while the other book images are stacked, with their spines showcased. You can easily customize how many books you want simply by turning off or on the layer groups. It also shadows on separate layers. It’s a simple and straightforward design that you will surely love.

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Stacked Book Series Mockup

Book Series Mockup 5

This Stacked Book is the mockup of choice for an author who aims to publish a 3-book series. It comes in a paperback format and you can easily customize it with your background of choice. This comes in a psd file so it’s made simple and easy for you to edit and use.

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Scattered Book Series Mockup

If you want to showcase your book series in such a way that all the book covers are visible, our Scattered Book Series Mockup is specially designed just for you. It comes in a layout of 3 books placed side by side, with their front cover showing, so you can showcase your books in the best way possible.

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Ebook Series Mockup

If you want to promote your eBook series, this Ebook Series Mockup is the perfect choice for you. You can showcase 3-4 books in this mockup design. You can easily insert a customized background of choice. The eBooks are also highlighted with glow layer and light bursts which are sure to give your eBooks that amazing glow that will surely catch the eye of readers.

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Hardback Book Spine Series Mockup

If you want to keep things neat and organized, this Hardback Book Spine Series Mockup is your go-to. This works for an author that wants to publish a 4-book series. Only the book spines are showcased in this design, making for that clean, organized book. Kind of like what your book series would look like if placed on a shelf. It’s simple and it’s neat.

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Book Series with Dust Jacket Covers Mockup

Want to promote your book series in a stunning way? Give3 our Book Series with Dust Jacket Covers Mockup a try. It’s a simple mockup that comes in a PSD file that is fully editable with smart objects. This is perfect for a 3-book series. The front covers are showcased side by side for readers to easily recognize your book. It comes in stunning graphics that you will surely like.

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Book Series Mockup PSD

This Book Series Mockup PSD comes in a sort of eclectic design. The books are not aligned perfectly and they are placed in a slanting position, giving your book series that weirdly unique aesthetic. You can easily customize the background as well. If you want your book promotion to be unique and fun, this is the way to go.

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6 X 9 Book Series Presentation Mockup

If you want a design that’s simple but has a little twist to it, this 6 X 9 Book Series Presentation is perfect for you. You can showcase three books in this mockup to promote your books. It includes a stone wall and a surface background. You can showcase one book upfront, while the other two come in a stacked position. It’s like showing your readers a little bit of what’s in store for them, while also getting them hungry to read more.

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6 x 9 Book Series with eReader PSD Mockup

Let’s face it. The reality is, most readers use reader devices instead of actual books. This goes to say that this 6 x 9 Book Series with eReader PSD Mockup is the perfect design to give your readers a real view of what reading your books would look like. The layout is designed with one book in an eReader and showcased in the middle, with the two other books in a book image on both sides. It’s a modern meets classic which surely keeps it just the right amount of interesting.

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6 x 9 Book Series Mockup with eReader Template

This mockup with eReader Template is a design featured with an eReader (iPhone 6) showcased in a beautiful oak table. You can easily edit this mockup with the use of Smart Object layers. It also comes in a PSD file so it’s easy to edit. The resolution comes at 4000px, showcasing high-quality images to boost your books. If you want something that’s bold and modern, this is the mockup for you.

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eBook Series Mockup

Most readers nowadays love eBooks. They’re handheld and easily accessible. This eBook Series Mockup perfectly showcases what eBook reading is all about. This is a premade book cover that comes in a 3-book series. You can keep or change the book titles, and you can either use the “New York Timers Best Seller” or your own unique tagline of choice. It’s a great offer and a great mockup that readers will absolutely dig.

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5×8 Book Series Mockup

For avid bookworms, nothing beats a good, old paperback. This 5 x 8 Paperback Book Trio Mockup takes your readers to nostalgic times when reading on devices and gadgets were unknown; the nostalgic times when you can smell that distinct scent of a paperback. If you want to publish a book series with the traditional design, this is the mockup for you.

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Book Series Conclusion

Get a little creative help with our complete collection of book series mockups! Whatever creative direction you have in mind, we got you covered. From simple to most elaborate, we’ve got everything that would wow you or your clients’ needs. Just hit that download so you could get started!