Sometimes, showcasing your design alone is not enough for marketing, especially for self-publishers. You may opt for something that looks natural and realistic as they’re most likely capable of attracting more attention when advertised in print or on social media. For this purpose, a hand-holding book mockup will fit your needs. Having a mockup that showcases a person’s hand as it holds your book will allow your design to come to life even before it gets printed.

To help you out, we’ve gathered astounding hand-holding mockup templates which you can use to present your design. With these mockups, you no longer have to hire additional people or expend more effort, ultimately allowing you to cut down on costs without slashing the quality.

A Curated Collection of Hand Holding Book Mockups

On this page, you will see a large collection of handheld book mockups both created by us and found elsewhere on the internet. This exhaustive collection provides easy-to-use Photoshop Mockups for any type of book you are promoting.

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Woman Hand Holding Book Mockup

Hand Holding Book Mockup 1

Visualize your book in its natural setting with this book mockup. The hand reaching out for your book gives it a realistic effect, and the position of the book is enough to showcase the beauty of your cover design. This free mockup is available in PSD format, so you can use any graphics program to incorporate your cover ideas, whether they’re for novels, poem collections, or even for illustration books.

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Hand Holding Hardcover Book Mockup

Hand Holding Book Mockup 2

Whether you’re out on a road trip or in a coffee shop to take a break, books are enough to keep you company. This book in this mockup is easily held with one hand, presenting how it’s lightweight without putting your front cover design to waste. Free in PSD format, easily insert your front cover using smart-object layers and achieve the lifelike display you’re aiming for.

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A Girl Holding a Book Mockup

Hand Holding Book Mockup 3

Aside from public libraries, coffee shops, and in front of their fireplace, people love reading books in a place where the weather is nice and the atmosphere is serene. It shows a girl comfortably sitting on the grass with a book held between her hands. This PSD mockup will make your design and graphics come to life, perfect for novel writers and book publishers.

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Hands Holding Square Book Mockup

Hand Holding Book Mockup 4

Allow your clients to immerse themselves into reading by using this high-resolution mockup. You don’t need to hire a model or photographer to have your book cover shot professionally, as this mockup does it all for you. The front and back cover, including the spine design, is displayed realistically and all you need to do is insert your cover through smart-object layers.

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Woman Holding Open Softcover Book Mockup

Hand Holding Book Mockup 5

Let your book interior stand out with this mockup that consists of a book held between a woman’s hands. Opened to give an overview of the artwork, illustrations, images, and layouts you have in your magazine or book pages, the cotton flower and glasses on the side add up to the aesthetic display of this mockup. Paste your work in this PSD template and you’re all set.

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Man Reading and Holding Book in Hand Mockup

Hand Holding Book Mockup 6

If you want to express how mesmerizing your book content is just by showing its cover, consider this open book mockup. Nothing will stop you from captivating your audience like how this man is deeply engrossed in the book while he commutes! Inserting your cover design is easy with this mockup and you can personalize it by adding text or changing the book color.

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Hand Holding an Open Book Mockup

Hand Holding Book Mockup 7

For most of us, one of the greatest pleasures in life is watching the sunrise while drinking a nice cup of coffee, scrolling through our mobile devices, and reading a book. We’re bringing you this high-quality mockup of a hand holding an open book as the sun extends its rays. It’s realistic and perfect for lifestyle books, novels, and more.

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Top View Hands Holding Open Book Mockup

In case you’re looking for a way to promote your book before it gets physically produced, use this free book mockup in PSD form. The opened pages enable you to show the artwork, image, or any content for your novel, catalog, or album. Upload your design, change the background color or add any related elements through smart-object layers and you’re ready to share it with the world.

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Hands Holding a Big Black Book Mockup

There is something about books that makes you look and feel smart. This mockup, in particular, shows a person holding a book and is ready to dive into the world of knowledge and understanding. Using smart objects, you can easily position your designs and logos clearly on the cover and even change the background if you like.

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Man Hand Holding Blank Opened Book Mockup

Pocket-sized books are like digital phones which you can carry everywhere. This simple mockup sets a scene of a man holding an open blank book from a top view. Coming in PSD format with smart-object layers, this mockup allows you to easily display your content in a real-life setting, in between the hands of its reader.

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Hand Holding a Book Over a Dark Wood Background Mockup

Exhibit your artwork, book cover, design, or logo on the cover of this book. With its realistic lighting and shadows, you’ll never have to worry about getting a photographer to have it professionally shot. The bright yellow cover makes this book stand out even more, but you can still change it into your original design since the dark wood background allows your book to stay as the center of attention.

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Hands Holding Hardcover Book Mockup

Whatever season you’ll choose to release your book, this excellent book cover mockup will be great for you! If you’re thrilled to see how this template of a woman holding your hardcover book over her legs on a wooden table looks like, all you need to do is click download and upload your design.

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Hands Holding Book on Library Background Mockup

What you’re seeing right now is a realistic book cover mockup that would be a great addition to your blog or website. The person holds your book as if its front cover caught their attention in an instant. If you’re aiming to give your audience a slice of life, add in your design in this mockup and you’re all good.

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Woman Hand Holding Book Cover Mockup

Pastel colors are still trendy! With this book mockup, you’ll surely attract millennials and people who appreciate the beauty of books. It has an unobtrusive background that you can change to fit your style and is available in PSD format so you can modify its contents with any photo-editing program you have installed.

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Hand Holding Hardcover Book Mockup

Book covers are the first part that your readers will see so look for a mockup that will catch their attention and keep them hooked! Bringing you this eye-catching mockup of a thin hardcover book held diagonally on a clean surface, we’re sure that your clients will be in awe. Open the mockup, place your design, do a couple of adjustments with the shadow and background color and then save.

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Hand Holding Softcover Book with Foil Stamping Mock-Up

A great title looks better with matching graphics. In this softcover book mockup, the foil stamping makes your book title pique your reader’s interest, while the hand makes it look realistic. In 10 fully layered PSD files, incorporating your design is so much easy. You don’t even have to worry if your design is dark, light, or vibrant-colored as this mockup is perfect for anything!

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Hands Holding a Book with Plants Mockup

If you are looking for a template to present a book specially made for a season or celebration, you can use this mockup. The elements added in this mockup make your design pop up from the crowd. It’s available in PSD format, which makes it easy for you to add your design.

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Hand Holding a Hardcover Book Mockup PSD

We’re here to introduce you to a free PSD mockup showing a hardcover book held by hand. The amazing graphic in this mockup is great for nature-themed books and the hand adds a touch of personality to its overall look. It’s a downloadable file with various elements you can customize to accomplish your book cover goals.

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Man’s Hand Holding a Book Mockup

Books are perfect gifts for the holiday season so use this photorealistic mockup if you’re making one! To add a pop of color, half of the book color is filled with an artistic pattern and on the side, you’ll see a flower. If you want to help your clients visualize how it feels to give their loved ones a book, this would be a perfect choice.

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Man’s Hand Holding Book with Blank Pages Mockup

Deviate from the usual by using this open book mockup. What’s great about this mockup is that it allows you to envision your book in the hands of your readers. It’s a fabulous choice if you want to see your book in reality before it gets published. You can always adjust the plain background to your needs and in just a minute, you’re ready to face your clients.

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Hand Holding Book Conclusion

Get a little creative help with our complete collection of hand holding book mockups! Whatever creative direction you have in mind, we got you covered. From simple to most elaborate, we’ve got everything that would wow you or your clients’ needs. Just hit that download so you could get started!