Some literary works require their finished product to carry a certain grandeur. Hardcover books are special for this reason. The splendor and sturdiness of a hardback book make them a captivating choice for book enthusiasts and casual readers too. However, the only downside to this attractive book type is its cost to print as they’re known to be more expensive than their flimsy paperback counterparts. To make up for this expense, authors and publishing agencies use hardcover book mockup as an alternative. This way, their clients can appreciate their hardcover book’s design before it gets printed.

If you have a hardback book ready for selling, you should consider using any of the book mockups in our collection to help you ace your promotion!

A Curated Collection of Hardcover Book Mockups

On this page, you will see a large collection of hardcover book mockups both created by us and found elsewhere on the internet. This exhaustive collection provides easy-to-use Photoshop Mockups for any type of hardcover book you are promoting.

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Black and White Hardcover Book Mockup

Hardcover Book Mockup 1

This book mockup in black and white color is on both front and backside views. A photorealistic book cover PSD mockup with books, shadows, and background placed on a separate layer so that it will be easier for you to display only one book or make any other adjustments. Go download this mockup now.

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Simple Hardcover Book Mockup

Hardcover Book Mockup  2

If you are an author looking for a simple mockup design to present your book, this is a great choice. Another photorealistic mockup that you can use for promoting your book. You can add your work to inside the smart objects. Download this mockup for free and start working on your next book project.

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A5 Hardcover Book Mockup

Hardcover Book Mockup 3

You can use this book mockup to display or present your book designs in style. With smart layer, you can add your own graphics and change the color of the book easily. This modern presentation of a hardcover mockup will surely showcase your wonderful work so go and download it now.

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Hardcover Book with Leaves Mockup

Hardcover Book Mockup 4

This mockup is a great tool that you can use to promote your book or show off your book designs. The leaves add an extra effect and also beautify the mockup scene. Use the smart layer to be able to change the color and add your own graphics. Another mockup that you can enjoy and is free to download. 

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Landscape Book Mockup

Hardcover Book Mockup 5

We all know that authors really put a lot of effort into the presentation and promotion of their books. This hardcover mockup in landscape orientation is an awesome tool to use. It is a layered PSD file with a smart object and will help you create a professional-looking presentation for your book projects. 

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Thick Book Set Mockup

Hardcover Book Mockup 6

If you are looking for a mockup that you can use to promote your book series or trilogy, this Thick Hardcover Book Mockup set will be very helpful for you. It will allow you to display the spines of all 3 books and you can personalize the different elements, change the colors of the book as well as the background using smart objects. Download this mockup set now.

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Front and Spine Hardcover Book Mockup

Hardcover Book Mockup 7

This is a book mockup where you can showcase not only the front hardcover of your book but also the spine. This is in high resolution with fully separated shadow. You will be able to edit and adjust the shading and shadows easily as well as change the background via smart objects.  

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Flat Lay Hardcover Book Mockup

Hardcover Book Mockup 8

For authors finding ways to showcase both the outside and inside of their books, this mockup would be a perfect choice. This mockup will definitely make it easier for you to present your book in a photorealistic manner. You will just need to place your design in the smart layer and your book design will be finished in just minutes. Plus, you can change the background and edit the mockup according to your preference via smart objects.

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Hardcover Book in Hand Mockup

Hardcover Book Mockup 9

A book-in-hand mockup to show your book’s hardcover or to present your design project in a photorealistic way. It has special layers and smart objects for your artwork. It might be a simple mockup but can present your book in a professional way. This for sure will make a great impact on your potential readers or clients. 

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Standing Hardcover Book Mockup

Here is a book mockup with a hardcover in a classic and beautiful look to promote your book. Using the smart layer you can add your own graphics and create a look that will be suitable for you. It is always a struggle for an author to find the best ways to promote and present their books, but using this mockup will help to alleviate that concern.

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Hardcover Book with Plants Mockup

A hardcover book mockup placed on a white textured wooden table with a vase and plants. A wonderful mockup to use in presenting your book cover or any book design projects that you are working on. A beautiful design that can set your work apart from the others. Download this free mockup now. 

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Hardcover Book with Sleeve Mockup

A floating book mockup to showcase your book design in the next level. This is an amazing mockup that an author will surely love using in presenting or promoting their books. It is high resolution, layered Photoshop .psd file and can be easily edited via smart objects. It has a lot of other features that you will absolutely enjoy. 

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Floating Hardcover Book Mockup

Another floating book mockup to use for promoting your book or showcasing your book design. It is available in 12 perspectives and you can edit the title, cover of the book as well as the design details. Start working on your next book presentation using this freed to download mockup.

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Gravity Hardcover Books Mockup

This gravity free falling psd book mockup set is a perfect choice for presenting your branding and editorial designs. It will be useful as well to promote your book series and the effect showing in this mockup will absolutely grab the intention of your potential readers or clients. Just use the smart layer to add your own graphics easily. 

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Hardcover Book with Food Mockup

This hardcover book mockup with creamy coffee and cookies is perfect for promoting your books that are related to food. If you are a Photoshop user, you can edit this mockup with the editable layers movable and scalable props. It also has smart objects for easy design placement. Purchase this mockup now and enjoy editing.

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Woman Holding Hardcover Book Mockup

This mockup features a woman sitting while holding a book to convey a realistic look. It is very useful for promoting your book cover or design in a more stylish way. The hardcover book color as well as the book cover design can be changed easily using the smart objects. 

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Hardcover Books on Shelf Mockup

A square book on shelf to showcase both the front and back cover of your book. This will help you as well to display your designs elegantly and create a presentation with little to no time. Whether you are an author looking for a mockup for your book promotion or a designer who wants to create a beautiful book design for a potential client, this mockup will definitely be useful for you. 

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Stacked Hardcover Book Mockup

A high resolution book mockup to show off your skillful talent as a graphic designer. Use this to create an impressive book design that your client will truly love and will attract many potential readers. This mockup is created in Photoshop and served as editable smart objects in psd format. 

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 Open Hardcover Book Mockup

This is a book mockup that you can use to showcase not only your book’s title design, but also the front and back cover as well as the spine. Promoting your book and creating a book design presentation from scratch will give you so much stress, but by using this mockup, you can do it for just a few minutes. You can easily customize and make adjustments as well change the overall exposure and brightness along with background color.

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Two Realistic Hardcover Book Mockup

Another free book mockup that you can download and use to promote your book. You will surely enjoy your time editing as it has well-described layers to adjust the shadows, colors and light effects. For inserting your own designs, you can just use the smart object option and the result will surely be a perfect presentation of your creations. 

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Hardcover Conclusion

Get a little creative help with our complete collection of hardcover book mockups! Whatever creative direction you have in mind, we got you covered. From simple to most elaborate, we’ve got everything that would wow you or your clients’ needs. Just hit that download so you could get started!