For image-intensive books involving fashion design, photography, architecture, interior design, or illustrations, publishers usually go for a horizontal format. This layout gives the images a better portrayal, allowing people to focus on the figure itself. As an author, it’s still important to see an overview of your horizontal book to guarantee you’re using the right format. A great way to visualize your graphic outputs before production would be using horizontal book mockup.

Here at Book Mockup, we’ve gathered horizontal book mockups which you can use for your presentations, giving your book a higher chance of being published.

A Curated Collection of Horizontal Book Mockups

On this page you will see a large collection of horizontal book mockups both created by us and found elsewhere on the internet. This exhaustive collection provides easy to use Photoshop Mockups for any type of horizontal book you are promoting.

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Standing Horizontal Hardcover Book Mockup

Horizontal Book Mockup 1

Show off a closeup of your book cover with this mockup. This free landscape hardcover book mockup offers a shot of the exterior cover and spine, including the inside pages. The background can be modified while the adjustable shadow gives it a 3D look. This mockup is a photorealistic way to deliver your design’s brilliance to your target audience. Coming in PSD format, find ease in exhibiting your book cover design!

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Standing and Stacked Horizontal Books Mockup

Horizontal Book Mockup 2

Made with simplicity and elegance in mind, the standing and stacked books give you an overview of what your book looks like in reality. The background color is soothing to look at but you can easily change it to accentuate your design. It is perfect for authors, illustrators, publishers, and graphic designers, who want to present their design creatively and appealingly.

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A4 Thin Spine Horizontal Book Mockup

Horizontal Book Mockup 3

Aim for sophistication and individuality with this book mockup. It’s placed on a flat surface and rotated slightly on an angle, easily giving you a realistic display for your A4-sized horizontal book. This offers shots of the cover and spine, and the recolorable background allows your clients to focus on the intricate details of your book cover design.

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Open Horizontal Book Mockup

Horizontal Book Mockup 4

Modern-looking book mockups easily attract an audience, especially minimalists and millennials. This mockup is straightforward and exudes sophistication, with the book laid open on a flat surface for a brief overview of its interior. Customizing is easy in this PSD mockup and you can have this right now for free.

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Horizontal Flip Book Mockup

Horizontal Book Mockup 5

Enjoy easy and fast editing with this free book mockup. The neutral background places emphasis on your custom cover, but you can switch it up by changing the book color and background. Add up a few related elements to this horizontal flipbook mockup and make your creativity shine with this PSD file.

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Top View Horizontal Book Mockup

Horizontal Book Mockup 6

Apply your custom book artwork on this mockup and see how it looks like on an overhead view. The opened pages of this horizontal book feature themes about wildlife and nature, making this mockup ideal for geologically related books. The white border and vibrant orange background are customizable, and this full-layered PSD file can be modified through Adobe Photoshop CS3 and any succeeding versions.

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Stacked Horizontal Book Mockup

Horizontal Book Mockup 7

This mockup provides your client a view of a lifelike book, with the black and white scheme giving it a classic look. To make it even more realistic, the stacked books create shadows that you can adjust to your preferred intensity. Ideal for fashion and beauty-themed books, this mockup comes in PSD format and is easy to modify through smart object layers.

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Horizontal Spiral Book Binding Mockup

Realistically display business albums, catalogs, or illustration books in spiral bookbinding, using this mockup. The bland background can be altered but keeping it in default already makes your cover design excel. This mockup offers six styles with organized layers and folders, making it easy to edit via smart objects and through copy and paste.

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PSD Horizontal Book Mockup

Paste your cover design in this free horizontal book mockup, available in PSD format. For the most part, it is fully customizable using Adobe Photoshop. The external elements such as a laptop, a cup of black tea, eyeglass, and succulent make this mockup scene look aesthetic and true to life. Be ready to impress your audience with class and style by downloading it this instant.

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Horizontal Book Mockup in PNG Format

This high-quality mockup in PNG format exhibits a real-life view of the exterior and interior pages of your magazine, brochure, or photo album. It’s a great way to showcase the intricate details of the project you’re working on, with the transparent background giving you the freedom to edit to make it your own.

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Transparent Horizontal Book Mockup

One of the best ways to present your landscape hardcover book is through this mockup. You can change the transparent backdrop into something realistic or fill it with a solid background color to let your clients focus on your work. There’s great room for modification so feel free to add in various elements related to your theme.

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Horizontal Hardcover Book Mockup

Keep things simple with this PSD book mockup. It appeals best to minimalists and designers who want to maximize their graphic editing skills. The shadows make this look realistic and gives depth to your design. You can change the background color or add some text and eye-catching variables to match your clients’ liking.

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Horizontal Spiral Bound Book Mockup

Present your design with confidence and impress your clients by using this free mockup! It’s zoomed-in and standing upright, just enough to showcase your 8.5 x 11-inch spiral-bound notebook, journal, sketchbook, or dietary plan’s front details. Effortlessly add your design in this downloadable PSD template and be like a graphic pro.

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10×8 Horizontal Book Mockup

Here’s a book mockup of a softcover book stacked up that gives you plenty of room to modify to suit your chosen theme. The empty background makes your book the star of the show, but you alter it if you want. This mockup is great if you’re designing instruction manuals, business catalogs, sketchbooks, or magazines produced in bulk.

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Horizontal Softcover Book Mockup Set

Looking for a mockup for your horizontal softcover book? We’ve got the perfect one for you! The stacked books in this mockup will help you visualize what your book looks like in real life. The white backdrop draws your audience’s attention solely to your design. Personalize this mockup with smart-object layers with a few clicks starting with clicking download.

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Horizontal A5 Softcover Book Mockup

Bring your softcover into life with this landscape book mockup! Great for action scripts, user guides, product catalogs, or portfolios, this mockup will give you a simple 3D display of your book. This premade PSD template has a clean background which you can change along with the other elements you want to mix in.

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Horizontal Book Box Set Mockup

Demonstrate your horizontal books without the need to get them photographed professionally. It comes with a pack cover and you can turn off layer groups if you want to reduce the number of books displayed. This 11 x 8.5 book box set mockup is made for authors and publishers and ideal for novels, photo albums, or book series.

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Horizontal Hardcover Book Mockup

This mockup may look simple and basic but your finishing touches will liven this up! Just add in your breathtaking artwork, mix in some colors and text, and you can show this to your client with style. It comes in a specific size of 8.5 x 11 with a 1/2″ spine width, meant for books with approximately 120 pages.

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Horizontal Book on a Flat Surface Mockup

If you’re going for a clean and effortless design, give this book mockup a try. The shade of green used in the background highlights your front cover design and can be easily customized along with the book’s color. This mockup is lightweight and can make your horizontally-designed book visually-appealing, even if it’s plain and simple.

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Horizontal White Hardcover Book Mockup

Unleash your design’s elegance and style with this mockup. From the design to the vibe it radiates, it’s meant to give you a photorealistic and modern look, with the freedom to add in graphical elements. The stacked book placed on top of a white table provides a great view of the whole design, including its pages and spine.

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Horizontal Book Conclusion

Get a little creative help with our complete collection of horizontal book mockups! Whatever creative direction you have in mind, we got you covered. From simple to most elaborate, we’ve got everything that would wow you or your clients’ needs. Just hit that download so you could get started!