Never undervalue the power a journal holds. Journaling, for many people, helps in organizing thoughts, inspiring creativity, keeping memories, and even relieving stress. The increase in demand for journals has given designers the motivation they need to create more captivating designs. This may range from vibrant-colored journals to minimalistic-looking ones. As they come in different shapes and sizes, the best way to visualize, critic, and present your design before having them printed is to use a journal mockup.

Below you’ll find our collection of journal mockup templates which we gathered just for you. We’re sure you’ll find the right mockup for you and your client’s preference!

A Curated Collection of Journal Mockups

On this page, you will see a large collection of journal mockups both created by us and found elsewhere on the internet. This exhaustive collection provides easy-to-use Photoshop Mockups for any type of journal you are promoting.

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Journal on a Marble Background Mockup

Journal Mockup 1

Displayed from an aerial point of view is a planner that can showcase your journal’s interior content. The marble background and eucalyptus leaves radiate elegance and style, giving your design the professional finish it needs to attract clients of all ages. This fresh and modern mockup can be used for A4, A5, and 8.5 x 11-sized designs, with graphical elements easily added with smart-object layers.

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Close Leather Journal Mockup

Journal Mockup 2

They say leather journals and notebooks never go out of style, and we’re proving that right! This customizable leather-bound journal mockup will accommodate your design and spark your creativity. Ideal for personal journals that contain spilled words and doodles, this layered PSD template can be changed to meet your preference, giving you the freedom to bring it into life.

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Journal Notebook with Strap Mockup

Journal Mockup 3

Say hello to this simple yet aesthetic journal notebook with strap mockup. Brought to you in high-resolution, each detail in this layered-PSD is customizable with just a few clicks. The solid backdrop and strap can be changed according to your artwork’s color scheme, with the shadows helping you make it look realistic. Try this free premium mockup if you’re in for quality.

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Open Journal PSD Mockup

Journal Mockup 4

Writing your diary entries can be done creatively! This open journal PSD mockup will allow you to display your designs as if it was professionally-photographed. It’s great for sketches, illustrations, and literary pieces such as short stories and poems. The well-organized layers in this free mockup let you change the background, color, and shadows easily, with smart object layers for adding other elements.

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Journal with Business Cards Mockup

Journal Mockup 5

Never underestimate a journal’s power in someone’s life. For most, a journal carries its owner’s identity so if you’re into vintage aesthetics, we’re happy to share this journal mockup. This mockup allows you to present your work effortlessly, with the kraft notebook accompanied by business cards for a more professional look. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or sales agent, this is the best mockup to use.

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Journal Set Mockup

Journal Mockup 6

Digital journaling offers accessibility but nothing compares to the satisfaction of writing down your ideas using paper and pen. This notebook mockup will carry your creative personality with its five customizable areas: paper band, journal color, front cover, paper texture, and background. If you would like to express your artistry through interesting fonts and textile art, this mockup is for you.

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Stacked Journal with Paint Brush and Pencil Mockup

Journal Mockup 7

The artistic theme in this mockup will unleash your client’s inner Picasso. The actual jar of paintbrushes and scattered pencil beside your stacked journal is visually pleasing and photorealistic, helping you visualize what your journal appears in a real-life setting. The backdrop adds up to the aesthetic feel this mockup emits, perfect if you’re targeting arts and crafts enthusiasts.

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Spiral Journal Notebook Mockup

Simple and clean, this notebook mockup demonstrates the front cover design of your spiral journal notebook. You can edit the white backdrop to your choice but if you want to pinpoint simplicity, keep it as is. Place your design through drag and drop and do not hesitate to adjust the effects and shadows to achieve highly realistic results.

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Journal Branding Mockup

The beauty of this Journal Branding mockup lies in its realism. Crafted for merchants and entrepreneurs, this mockup features a journal placed on a flat surface accompanied by a fountain pen on the side for a stylish look. Business journals can appear stark in design, but the addition of your cover design and complementary elements will make it shine.

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Black Journal Cover Mockup

Journals offer comfort and tranquility especially for those who live with an imaginative mind. Let this free mockup in PSD format accommodate your individuality and allow yourself to drift through time as you personalize its components. The monochromatic color scheme isn’t intimidating to look at but if you’re planning to change the background, strap, and book color, remember to keep it uniform.

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Journal Mockup with White Flower

Embrace purity and softness with this smart-looking mockup. The journal is placed beside a white flower on top of a wooden table for a clean and innocent feel, perfect for designers who want to attract millennial women. Available in layered-PSD format, make this distinctive by adding your personal touch through layers and smart objects.

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Journal Set Mockup

For aspiring writers and illustrators, one journal isn’t enough to carry their creativity for a year. If you’re planning to release a journal set for this purpose, this mockup would be a great choice. The journal is saddle-stitched, and you can customize the background, front cover, and label. You can even move the notebooks around to make them fun to look at!

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Journal Top View Mockup

Follow the unconventional approach to showcasing your journal’s potential with this PSD mockup design. While many attract clients by presenting their book cover design, turn your audience into customers by displaying your journal spread creatively. Add your text and images in this mockup, change the background and watch how your design comes to life!

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Journal Cover Design 

A minimalist looking for a mockup with a modern and crisp look? We’ve got you covered! This journal cover design mockup amidst a neutral background is waiting for your cover artwork to light it up. It’s simple and straightforward, and there’s plenty of room for modification so let your fingers create a masterpiece with this mockup.

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Journal Notebook with Pen Mockup

Share your journal cover creations and encourage productivity with this PSD mockup! Although designing journals isn’t an easy task, this mockup will lessen your workload through its ready-made template. Ideal for 5.75 x 7.5-inch journals, the purple flower and pen also add up to the realistic view of your journal’s front and back cover and interior content.

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Journal, Planner Mockup with Rose Gold Accessories

If you’re looking for an elegant and stylish option that will give your designs a slice of life, it’s time to give this mockup a try! The rose gold accessories surrounding the planner laid on a marble background make your incredible design look beautiful and sleek. Easy to use and customize in your favorite photo-editing software, get ready to achieve photo-realistic results to impress your clients!

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Diary, Journal on Wooden Background Mockup

See how your diary or journal looks like before it gets produced! This high-quality and customizable mockup helps you turn your vision into reality. With flowers and coffee on a wooden table beside your diary or journal, note-taking and writing daily entries will never be boring again. Using any existing graphics program, overlay text, and images to add your style in this mockup.

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Journal Notebook Template

This mockup shows a scene that every writer or publisher is familiar with. It displays a spiral-bound journal with a scenery of a bridge as its front cover design, set on top of a white background beside a pen. Adding in more graphical elements will make it look even more realistic, so feel free to mix in anything related to your theme.

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Journal Notebook Mockup

Keep up with the trendy modern look for your cover design with this mockup provided in PSD format. Made especially for designers who want to display multiple designs with a related concept or color theme, this mockup comes with flair. You can change the background or adjust the shadows and make it your own!

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Journal with iPad Mockup

Create a journal cover that is appealing to social media savvy people! This mockup features a journal, hot coffee, iPad, pen, and eyeglasses and is perfect for branding projects that target millennials and people who admire the aesthetics of their work lives. Inserting your design is easy in this layered-PSD file and you can choose to change the iPad, journal, or coffee to reflect your personality!

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Journal Conclusion

Get a little creative help with our complete collection of journal mockups! Whatever creative direction you have in mind, we got you covered. From simple to most elaborate, we’ve got everything that would wow you or your clients’ needs. Just hit that download so you could get started!