Although we’ve transitioned in the digital age, magazines remain a timeless collection of articles, essays, stories, recipes, images, and more. Their content can make us smile, inform us about world ideas, and keep us updated about our favorite celebrities. The versatility of magazines makes them capable of being used for various purposes, directed to a specific or general audience. To help authors and publishing companies reach their target audiences, a reliable promotional tool such as a magazine mockup can be used.

Introducing our collection of magazine mockups, you’ll find a realistic and easy way to present your design while maintaining its beauty and quality.

A Curated Collection of Magazine Mockups

On this page, you will see a large collection of magazine mockups both created by us and found elsewhere on the internet. This exhaustive collection provides easy-to-use Photoshop mockups for any type of magazine you are promoting.

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Florist Magazine Mockup

Magazine Mockup 1

When you can’t say it with words, then say it with flowers. This strategy has definitely been proven to be effective countless times. This florist magazine mockup will let you demonstrate to your readers the ins and outs of flower growing so you can have flowers to “say things with.”

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Nature Magazine Mockup

Magazine Mockup 2

It is said that nature is a great healer. And what better way to prove the truth of this statement than by a magazine showing Mother Nature in all her glory? Hook potential readers in through this mockup that is both aesthetically pleasing and calming at the same time. 

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Green Magazine Mockup

Magazine Mockup 3

For life to continue, it is a must that things grow and develop. Make this point visually by means of this mockup. After all, what demonstrates the concept of growth and development better other than something that comes in color reminiscent of nature? It is indeed true that “green is in.”

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Magazine on Table Mockup

Magazine Mockup 4

Life is a wonderful and continuous story. It is one that needs to be retold time and time again. And this can be done via this magazine on table mockup. It combines simplicity and functionality in one package. Get yours today and see how powerful the printed word can be.

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Magazine in Transparent Plastic Mockup

Magazine Mockup 5

There are things that are best kept secret. However, what you have to say to your readers isn’t one of them. Prove your point through this magazine in the transparent plastic mockup. After all, when you’ve got something valuable; it has to be said in a compelling way. There is no room for obscurity.

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Bikers Magazine Mockup

Magazine Mockup 6

Life is an adventure. And what better way to show how fun it can be than through the pages of a magazine? This mockup will aid the one who is producing it in enticing readers to undertake a hobby that will make their lives a bit more exciting (say biking, perhaps?).

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Coffee Time Magazine Mockup

Magazine Mockup 7

There are moments that are meant to be shared with others. Sharing them over coffee makes it even more special. Demonstrate to your readers the joys of bonding over a cup of coffee through this coffee time magazine mockup. Make your patrons yearn for more.

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Stone Magazine Mockup

Life will bring to people more than a few challenges and trials. But despite these, they must remain firm and unyielding. This mockup will show an author and those involved in the publishing business how to entice readers to patronize their publication. After all, life could also be compared to a stone: often hard but filled with so much potential.

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Business Magazine Mockup

Almost everything in life requires risk. But one must not take a risk carelessly. That is why business is conducted in a methodical and calculating manner. This mockup will provide a handy format for authors and publishers alike to showcase how the business industry works to those who interested in it.

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Travel Magazine Mockup

It has been uttered that life is a never-ending journey. Thus, every day can be an opportunity to discover something new. This mockup will be a tool that can be fully used to showcase the highlights of peoples’ journeys and adventures. Because people can also learn more about themselves while on the move.

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A4 Magazine Mockup

The best things come in small packages. This is a popular saying which still rings true up to the present day. It is also applicable in the publishing industry. The mockup is perfect for people who want to present their publication in a compact yet still info-packed form.

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Fashion Magazine Mockup

Life is a stage. This being said, you better look your best in it. This mockup is a suitable tool for allowing fashion-minded individuals to share their thoughts, ideas, and the like to people who also want to be the very best version of them. So what are you waiting for? Grab a copy now and get ready to slay.

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Adventure Magazine Mockup

Life is one big adventure. Make your magazine a great adventure for your readers with our Adventure Mockup Design. It comes in a classic white color and the layout is simple but well put together. It’s a design that you can easily use and will surely make it worthwhile for your readers.

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Concert Magazine Mockup

If life is a song, you better be humming along. This mockup makes the lives of people who are connected with publishing magazines with the mentioned topic much easier. After all, you wouldn’t want to be out of tune (so to speak) when churning out a publication that deals with music, would you?

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Minimal Magazine Mockup

More doesn’t always equate to better. And this mockup drives home the point. It is perfect for people who the emphasis to be on the content of the publication as opposed to the mere aesthetics. In this case, functionality takes precedence over mere form. In other words, internal versus external.

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Square Magazine Mockup

Normal is quite overrated nowadays. People tend to seek out seemingly odd and curious stuff. This applies even to different types of publications. It is the reason why this particular mockup works well for those who are trying out a new layout or style of publishing. What are you waiting for? Try it out now!

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Summer Magazine Mockup

Nothing lightens an individual’s mood than being able to relax and enjoy himself or herself to the fullest. Perhaps this is why travel magazines continue to be the rage, even during these times. This specific mockup will be of great aid to those who want their summer publication to be as enticing as possible.

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Arts Magazine Mockup

The need to create runs inherent in every person. And during these times when people’’ mobility is limited, different pastimes are picked up. Those publishers who focus on artistic endeavors will find this mockup to be very beneficial in their presentation of their publication to the general public for consumption.

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A5 Magazine Mockup

Adaptation is a skill that every person must learn to develop in order to continue in life. The same thing goes for those who are in the business of publishing. This being said, the particular A5 magazine mockup is another weapon that publishers can put to use to make their product a bit more innovative and interesting.

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Home Design Magazine Mockup

“The home is where the heart is.” Little wonder then that people spend countless hours to improve their homes to their utmost ability. Publishers who want to help these individuals accomplish this task can use this home design mockup to show helpful topics about home design and improvement in an organized manner.

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Get a little creative help with our complete collection of magazine mockups! Whatever creative direction you have in mind, we got you covered. From simple to most elaborate, we’ve got everything to wow you or your clients’ needs. Just hit that download so you could get started!