In the book industry, compelling visuals help a lot in marketing. A great cover indeed works wonders since this is what establishes a potential reader’s impression of your book, giving them a hint of what to expect. However, well-designed book interiors are not far behind as your content is what will keep readers hooked until the end. This is why wise writers and publishers venture a new way to promote their publications: by putting their book interior on display for people to appreciate their spreads with the use of an open book mockup.

Here at Book Mockup, we have a fantastic collection of open book mockup templates that you can browse. If you don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered!

A Curated Collection of Open Page Book Mockups

On this page, you will see a large collection of open book mockups both created by us and found elsewhere on the internet. This exhaustive collection provides easy-to-use Photoshop Mockups for any type of interior layout that you would like to highlight in a professional way.

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Blank Open Book Pages Mockup

Open Book Mockup  1

If you are looking for a way to present the design of your book spreadsheet layout and content in a more realistic and artistic way, this mockup will help you. It is a PSD mockup that you can customize via smart objects which will allow you to see the exact look of the book pages in real life. Download this for free now.

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Open Book with Pink Flower Mockup

Open Book Mockup  2

A photorealistic book mockup that you can use to showcase your design. The pink flower that comes with it adds a beautiful girly vibe, but you can still present your work in a professional way. This mockup is in a PSD file with smart objects and can be downloaded for free.

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Open Book on a Table Mockup

Open Book Mockup  3

Here’s a wonderful mockup that you can use on your designs to impress your potential client or to show off your skills and talent. The table where the open book is placed adds an extra effect that will surely give a stunning look to your work. Purchase this mockup now.

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Thick Hard Cover Open Book Mockup

Open Book Mockup  4

You may think that this is just a simple mockup, but this book mockup can be used to work on your next book cover project. It is in PSD format so you can just place your design using the smart layers and you will have a realistic presentation of your work as a result. This can be downloaded for free.  

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Open Inner Pages Hard Cover Book Mockup

Open Book Mockup  5

This book mockup has a hardcover and is placed in a plain and simple background perfectly for showcasing your print layout and designs. The color of the book can be changed and you can also add your graphics with ease using the smart layer. Enjoy working on your next book project using this clean classic mockup.

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Open Book Mockup with Laptop and Phone

Open Book Mockup  6

Showcase your artistic and creative side to the next level using this book mockup in PSD format. A perfect tool that you can use if you are working on a design project with a concept about technology, computer or the internet. Plus, it really looks realistic and its effect is certainly pleasing to the eye.

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Flat Lay Open Book Mockup

Open Book Mockup  7

This is an opened book mockup flat laid on a workspace in a top view point. The objects surrounding the book like keyboard, eyeglasses, notebook and pen really give justice to the concept of being in a working environment. You will definitely have fun using this mockup for your next project.

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Hand Holding Open Book Mockup

Open Book Mockup  8

Use this book mockup in presenting your book design ideas. The hand holding the book will give your audience an idea or a clear vision of how it will look on people’s hand. This photorealistic mockup can set your design presentation apart from the rest. Go download this mockup now.

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Open Book on a Working Space Mockup

Open Book Mockup  9

This mockup features an open book, iPhone, MacBook Pro, letterhead, camera bag, file cover, plant pot, gum stick, inches tape, safety pins, apple and a pencil. You can personalize all these items or hide them if you don’t want them to be included since they are placed in a separate folder. This will be perfect not only for promoting your book, but also for presenting your design ideas.

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Landscape Open Book Mockup

This mockup can be used not only for books, but also for magazines, photo album, catalog, and many more. With the use of smart object, you can change and edit the design that will best suits you. Download this landscape book mockup now and show off your next book project.

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Open Book in Hands Mockup

Another mockup of a book in hands that can help designers to easily showcase their designs on the inner pages of a book.  If you want to give emphasis not only to the content of the page, but also the special font you are using, this mockup will be very useful for you. 

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Open Book on a Wooden Table Mockup

A realistic book mockup that is perfect for showcasing your written work. It’s placed on top of a wooden table together with other items that brings a much more dramatic feeling and effect. You will surely enjoy working on your book project using this amazing mockup. Go download it now.

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Realistic Open Book Mockup

If you are a designer who loves pastel color then you will definitely love this mockup. The open book together with the other items are on a top view angle with a beautiful pastel color background. You can either hide or remove the items that you think are not needed. For customization, just use the smart object option to place the designs. 

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Open Book and Crafting Elements Mockup

If you are working on a book about fashion, this mockup will be perfect in presenting or promoting your work. It features an open book with page surrounded by crafting elements. If you are a Photoshop user, then you will enjoy customizing this mockup. It has smart objects so you can easily place the designs.

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Open Book Plus Leaves and Eyeglasses Mockup

A mockup featuring an opened book in a PSD format. This is another mockup image that will be very functional if you are using a special font for your book. The leaves around it as well as the eyeglasses add up to make the mockup scene more realistic. Go download this mockup now.

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Realistic Open Book on Desk Mockup

This mockup features a book that is opened and placed on an office desk. A great tool to present your graphic designs and show off your creative skills. The layered PSD comes with two smart objects. Start working on your next book design presentation with ease and download this amazing mockup for free.

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Blank Square Open Book Mockup

A blank square book mockup that you can use not only to show the book pages, but also to present the content of your book may it be an artwork, sketches or drawings. This will best suit for a children’s book because of its size. Purchase and enjoy this mockup now.

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Open Book with Pile Mockup

This is a mockup that you can use to promote the content of your book. With the book opened, you will be able to show a potential reader the highlight of your book as well as an illustration or artwork that can capture their interest. The pile of books next to it adds up to the scene making it more realistic.

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Vintage Open Book Mockup

This mockup of a vintage book is a perfect way to attract readers. Using smart object you can easily place the background as well as the content on the pages. The included images and textures are all high resolution.  Purchase this mockup now to create a vintage design on books.

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Open Book with Dry Leaves Mockup

Here’s another awesome mockup to showcase the content and pages of your book. You can also place logos or images to show off your artistic side and edit them using the smart objects for Photoshop. The autumn leaves around the book adds a beautiful touch to the mockup scene and aesthetically pleasing as well.

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Open Book Conclusion

Get a little creative help with our complete collection of open book mockups! Whatever creative direction you have in mind, we got you covered. From simple to most elaborate, we’ve got everything that would wow you or your clients’ needs. Just hit that download so you could get started!