Sketchbooks play an integral role in the creative community and can be viewed as a foundation for an artist’s masterpiece. A typical sketchbook can be used for art-related drafts and jotting down notes and ideas for later use. They provide a valuable place to sketch ideas and concepts before you commit to bringing them to life. This is why a sketchbook mockup is by far one of the most useful things that artists and graphic designers should have on hand.

To keep your creative spirit burning, feel free to explore this entire collection of sketchbook mockups and unleash the artist in you.

A Curated Collection of Sketchbook Mockups

On this page you will see a large collection of sketch mockups both created by us and found elsewhere on the internet. This exhaustive collection provides easy to use Photoshop Mockups for any type of sketch book that need to mockup for advertising or sharing with your tribe.

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Open Sketchbook Mockup

Sketchbook Mockup 1

It may look very simple, but this sketchbook book mockup can be used to present your graphics in high resolution. You can fully customize both cover and paper edges and use this mockup for any kind of visual art, fonts, and even logos. Download this mockup for free now.

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Sketchbook Mockup with Plants

Sketchbook Mockup 2

Here is a mockup to present not only your sketches but other designs as well. If you are looking for a photorealistic and a high-quality psd file to showcase your designs, you can download this free open sketchbook mockup now. You can use this for both personal and commercial projects.

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Sketchbook on a Wooden Table 

Sketchbook Mockup 3

This is another photorealistic sketchbook mockup that you can use to present not only your sketches but also your drawings and illustrations. The main file includes 7 psd files and design can be easily changed. Place and edit your design via smart object to get your desired result. Go purchase this mockup now.

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Sketchbook Mockup with Paints and Brushes

Sketchbook Mockup 4

Make your work stand out with this open sketchbook mockup. It has paints and brushes that adds a great touch to make it look more realistic. This is a perfect way to present your art and show how skillful you are. You will surely benefit from using this so go ahead and download this mockup now.

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Ringed Sketchbook Mockup

Sketchbook Mockup 5

This free open ringed sketchbook is angled from the front and doubles the space for your brand design and artwork such as logos, illustrations, character designs, primary sketches, watercolor paintings, realistic portraits, graffiti designs, and even font presentations and images. A high-quality PSD format mockup that can be easily edited with the use of the smart object layers. 

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Sketchbook with Laptop, Sunglasses and Pen Mockup

Sketchbook Mockup 6

A mockup placed in a natural setting for a more realistic scene. The sketchbook is in a simple surface with a laptop, a pair of glasses, and a pen all laid out from a top view point. You can customize this free mockup using the smart layer objects in just a couple of minutes.

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Spiral Sketchbook Mockup

Sketchbook Mockup 7

This Spiral Sketchbook Mockup is created for designers to be able to showcase their work for potential clients. It can be easily customized and is absolutely beneficial for you as you can use it as well to show other design work within a A4 size area. It comes with 3 psd files and is free to download.

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Hand Drawn Sketchbook Mockup on a White Table

Sketchbook Mockup 8

Here’s another mockup that you can use to showcase your design concepts or artwork in a much more presentable way. This sketchbook mockup is perfect to show off your concept sketches and ideas. Drag and drop is a useful technique to use for converting your design into a sketchy style.

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Sketchbook with Coffee and Biscuit Mockup

Sketchbook Mockup 9

If you are looking for a cool mockup to display your designs in style, this mockup is a great choice. Aside from the sketchbook, this mockup template also includes movable objects with shadows. The background can be changed as well to suit your needs and with the use of the smart-object layers, you can add your own artwork.

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Cardboard Sketchbook Mockup

Sketchbook Mockup 10

This is an artistic cardboard sketchbook downloadable psd file. With this mockup, you can easily add your own design and ideas that you find most suitable for showcasing your work and make it standout from the crowd. This is really useful to present your artwork or design concepts in a much more presentable way.

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Open Sketchbook on a Dark Wood Table Mockup

This open sketchbook mockup has a high resolution real photo that you can use to present your graphic artwork. Surely an amazing mockup that is perfect for designer, illustrator and artist to showcase their portfolio to clients. You can also easily fill it with sketches, pictures, drawings, images or anything else.

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Hand Sketchbook Mockup

Here is another awesome resource that you can use to present your design in a more professional and creative way. A high quality stunning mockup scene to showcase your work and stand out among the rest. It is in PSD format so you can just use the smart layer to drag and drop your drawings. This mockup is free to download.

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Sketchbook with Pencil and Coffee Cup Mockup

If you are looking for a mockup to use for presenting your designs, sketches, artworks, and illustrations on a sketch book, then this one is a perfect choice. It comes in PSD File and aside from the sketchbook, it comes with a coffee cup as well where you can also add either a logo or an artwork.

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PSD Sketchbook Mockup

This mockup is in PSD file so you can use the smart objects to easily place your artwork or drawings. The textured wooden table adds some sort of drama to you work making it more realistic. It comes with fully separated and movable objects and shadows. Download this mockup now and start creating your next design.

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A4 Sketchbook Mockup

This mockup is a unique tool that you can use to present your sketchbook covers design. Since it is in a PSD format, you can experiment with your own ideas and creativity to design the mockup that you will find most suitable for representing your works. This mockup can be downloaded for free.

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Spiral Sketchbook with Watercolor Mockup

This Mockup is another tool you can use to promote your artwork. The watercolor adds up to the creative scene of the mockup while keeping it still simple for those artists that prefer this kind of approach to their work. The details on it can be changed depending on your preference. Download this free mockup now.

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Sketchbook Interior Mockup

Here’s a mockup that you can use to edit interior pages. Aside from the sketchbook, it has other objects making it more realistic. This is in PSD format so you can just put your logos, illustrations, sketches, as well as images and you can easily edit them using the smart objects.

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Standing Sketchbook Mockup

This is a photographed mockup that you can use for showcasing your drawings, artworks, and photographs. This PSD mockup can turn your plain and flat design into a realistic and awesome presentation that you can show off and can impress potential clients. Download this mockup now for your next design presentation.

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Sketchbook with Paint and Brushes Mockup

Another mockup with paint and brushes to showcase and present your artworks, designs, illustrations and sketches. This is a great tool that artists can use to express and show off their talents and skills. Download now to try this mockup and start creating a wonderful masterpiece that you can show off to everyone. 

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Photorealistic Sketchbook Mockup

You can easily edit this PSD mockup with smart objects. Another amazing mockup that will be very helpful for you in showcasing your sketch in a photorealistic way. You can also use this for personal and commercial use. Download this now and you will surely have a good time editing. 

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Sketchbook Conclusion

Get a little creative help with our complete collection of sketchbook mockups! Whatever creative direction you have in mind, we got you covered. From simple to most elaborate, we’ve got everything that would wow you or your clients’ needs. Just hit that download so you could get started!