If you’re looking for a cost-efficient solution for your print projects, you’d want to try publishing your content into a softcover book. For self-publishers, this would be your most affordable option if the price point is a priority. They’re also versatile and quick to print, and more comfortable to carry around compared to their counterparts. If you’re a beginner writer or starter publishing company who would want to cut down costs before printing out physical copies, why not try a softcover book mockup first?

You’re in for a treat! We’ve created a collection of high-quality book mockups for your softcover books. Use any to retain the attractive design you’ve prepared for your project!

A Curated Collection of Softcover Book Mockups

On this page, you will see a large collection of softcover book mockups both created by us and found elsewhere on the internet. This exhaustive collection provides easy-to-use Photoshop Mockups for any type of softcover book you are promoting.

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Black Softcover Book Mockup

Softcover Book Mockup 1

This is one of the most photorealistic renders we have in our collection so far. Place inner pages, spine design, background color, as well as title design as per your choice. 

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Open Book Mockup

Softcover Book Mockup 2

This is an advanced soft cover book up. If you want to showcase your page designs, this is the perfect mockup for you. You can customize the graphics to fit your presentation, added with smart objects in PSD format. 

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Softcover Book with Inner Page Mockup

Softcover Book Mockup 3

This Book Mockup is perfect to present the professional and practical look of your book design. It is available with a smart object feature in PSD format for easy placement of your design.

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Standing Book Mockup

Softcover Book Mockup 4

In softcover shape, this is a standard handbook mockup. With the spine of the book facing the camera, the book sits up and faces the camera directly at 30°. The page density of this book is indicative of a 300 page handbook and this PSD mockup is made with a 30 ° downward view of the book.

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Softcover Book Set Mockup

Softcover Book Mockup 5

Four thin books with one standing and the other three lying on the ground are used in the mockup. On the front covers and spines, you can add your own designs.

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Softcover Book in Hands Mockup

Softcover Book Mockup 6

In this design, a male’s hands is holding a fully layered mockup of a hardcover book. It has a smart object PSD and has additional backgrounds included. Works with any color and has help file w/instructions as well.

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Half-Opened Softcover Book Mockup

Softcover Book Mockup 7

This book mockup is designed on a plain background to fully showcase the inside design of the book. It also has smart object layers so you can switch up some graphical elements to your taste. 

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Softcover Book with Coffee Cup and Ink Mockup

Softcover Book Mockup 8

Embrace the somber theme of this book mockup with a coffee design and place your book cover design in the middle. It has smart object layers and in PSD format.

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Softcover Book on Table Mockup

Softcover Book Mockup 9

Through its cover design, this mockup set is very useful for promoting the content of your book. With just a few touches of the Smart Object tool in Photoshop, your book cover mockup is ready in just a few minutes, quick and simple. The cover design that you show off through this mockup set would look really elegant.

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Front and Back Softcover Book Mockup

This really fun and edgy book mockup design is a cool way to attract Millennial or Gen Z authors. Any background can be used for this design, but the more minimalistic, the better! 

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Softcover Square Book Mockup

This mockup design gives your book a photorealistic look in all angles. The blue-violet hue is calming so this design would be perfect for a self-help book or anything like that. This book mockup is complete with smart objects as well. 

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Front and Back Softcover Book Mockup

This book mockup design may look ordinary, but it definitely packs a punch. If you’re editing it by yourself in Photoshop, all the elements can be changed and switched up easily.

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Back Softcover Book Mockup

This mockup design is a clever way to showcase the back cover design of your book. It’s placed in a realistic set up so the cover design is all you see. It’s a great design to wow clients!

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Hands Holding Softcover Book Mockup

This book mockup design set on an artsy tabletop is an excellent format for a lifestyle theme. It is still fully customizable through smart objects, but it’s better to leave it the way it is! 

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Large Softcover Book Mockup

This vibrant book mockup design is a loud design specially made for large books. With large books, you have to make a statement, so this book mockup design is the perfect design for that! 

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Softcover Conclusion

Get a little creative help with our complete collection of softcover book mockups! Whatever creative direction you have in mind, we got you covered. From simple to most elaborate, we’ve got everything that would wow you or your clients’ needs. Just hit that download so you could get started!