Whether you’re a book enthusiast or a casual reader, the spine is what you’ll see first, as this is how books are usually displayed in libraries or bookstores. The “spine out” arrangement of stacking books maximizes limited shelf space and can help sell the book itself. Book covers may showcase the content, but the spine is what attracts a reader first. When your spine and book cover are designed with cohesion, your book can achieve its sales potential, ultimately grabbing your target’s interest. If you’re in the process of designing the spine of your book and want to see how it looks in real life, you may want to try a spine mockup.

Read on to see our selection of spine mockup templates which you can use to showcase your creative design.

A Curated Collection of Book Spine Mockups

On this page, you will see a large collection of book spine mockups both created by us and found elsewhere on the internet. This exhaustive collection provides easy-to-use Photoshop mockups for any type of book spine you are promoting.

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Black Aurora Cover and Spine Mockup

Spine Mockup 1

Excite your readers with the premise of an action-packed read. This mockup will be instrumental in fulfilling this goal. The cover will give a visual representation as to the main gist of the story. The spine, on the other hand, will provide the potential reader some clue even when the book is placed on the shelf.

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Cover and Spine Mockup

Spine Mockup 2

A book’s cover and spine (in a way) determines if it will be well-received by the readers. This particular spine and cover template is sure to be appealing to these people. This is due to the fact that it has been specially customized to suit the specific theme that the author is aiming for.

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Moof Cover and Spine Mockup

Spine Mockup 3

This Moof Cover and Spine Template is a simple and straightforward design. The color comes in a shade of blue which is the right shade of brightness. The letters are in simple but bold design that easily pops out. It’s simple but without a doubt eye catching. Get your readers’ attention with this mockup design.

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Standing Hardcover Front and Spine Mockup

Spine Mockup 4

There are things which were made to stand the test of time. And books are among them. This being said, it is necessary to protect them in some way. And a hard cover with a book jacket is one of these ways. This mockup will be an efficient way to assure that a book is both functional and protected.

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Children’s Book Cover and Spine Mockup

Spine Mockup 5

There is a charming air surrounding children. Perhaps this is the reason why books aimed at them are very appealing. This children’s book cover and spine template will lend just the air of whimsical charm that a particular book needs in order to hook the intended market (kids and kids at heart).

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Nature Book Cover and Spine Mockup

Spine Mockup 6

Nature is truly a prime nurturer. Thus, the large volume of people who purchase books dealing with the topic. The publisher and/or author who wishes to target the person interested in such books would do well to have a nature book cover and spine mockup. With it, book sales are probably bound to rise.

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Hardcover Front and Spine Mockup

Spine Mockup 7

If you want a mockup design that’s sturdy and will stand the tests of time, this mockup is your best choice. It will surely be hard to break this mockup design. The design is made even bolder with the red and yellow color combination, which is your to be eye catchy.

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Open Pages Book and Spine Mockup

A book opens a myriad of worlds that one may not have been aware of beforehand. It is therefore the publisher’s job to make this experience memorable. An open pages book and spine mockup will provide the visual imagery that is bound to attract the attention and interest of the target audience.

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Curved Spine Mockup

An open book signifies a mind that is ready to absorb knowledge and at the same time, enjoy. Therefore, it is a must that the book spine itself provides an intriguing hint as to what its contents might be. This mockup teases the target populace with clues as to what the book might offer to them.

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G&B Front and Spine Mockup

This G&B Front and Spine Mockup is a simple but refreshing mockup design. It comes in a bright yellow color that is both bold and refreshing at the same time. The lettering is made simple but still very appealing to the eyes. This G&B Front and Spine Mockup is a design that’s right and beautiful, and sure to bring a smile to your readers’ face.

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2D Book Spine Bookshelf View Mockup

For avid readers, a bookshelf is a treasure chest; with numerous wonders to be discovered. Entice your readers to try more of your books with 2D Book Spine Bookshelf View Mockup. As it is said, “just a little taste is all it takes to get hooked”. Get one now and be amazed.

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2D Hardcover Book Front and Spine Mockup

Even though digital technology is taking over the world today; books will never go out of style. Thus, the continued need to employ the use of book front and spine mockups. The particular 2D hardcover book front and spine mockup will serve as the impeccable tool for achieving the look which readers are comfortably familiar with.

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Galaxy Book Front and Spine Mockup

The space is a vast frontier. It complements the vivid imagination of the readers. As such, this galaxy book front and spine mockup matches the two concepts perfectly. It provides a stunning visual reminder of what’s in store for the readers of the book. And it can be summed up in a word: exhilarating.

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Green Paperback Book Front and Spine Mockup

Green represents development. In a book, it is an imperative concept. Instill this concept into your readers’ mind with this green paperback book front and spine mockup. Grow your book sales as the target audience also expands their reading horizons. Entice them with the idea of growing and learning, with the help of this Green Paperback Book Front and Spine Mockup.

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Dust Jacket Book Front and Spine Mockup

Books are meant to be used but definitely not abused. Therefore, the presence of a protective cover is indispensable. This dust jacket book front and spine mockup provides the needed shield that a book needs to last its owner’s usage. Passing on books to the next users is also made possible through this mockup.

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Ninja Book Front and Spine Mockup

Warriors had weapons which they used to fend off enemies. In comparison, readers have books which the latter utilizes to fight ignorance. The ninja book front and spine template illustrates this comparison aptly. The combination of attention-catching visuals and the literary work itself is sure to satisfy even the most discerning reader and make the publisher’s work easier.

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Paperback Book Front and Spine Mockup

Being firm is a must in adapting to the challenges of life. But so is being flexible. The same thing can be said of for books. A paperback book front and spine template is a method to achieve the balance between firmness and pliability, yet strong enough to withstand the constant usage yet also pliant to yield when needed.

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Stacked Book Mockup

One can never have too much books. Little wonder then that some avid readers spend a considerable amount of time and money amassing their precious books. This stacked book mockup will further fuel their desire to collect more. In turn, it will also boost sales of your book as it catches your readers’ eyes.

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Dot A5 Book Cover and Spine Mockup

This mockup is a bold design that you will surely love. The color combination of black and gold gives it a royal, luxurious feel. Attract readers’ attention with sophisticated design. The black and gold color, and the dotted design is definitely breathtaking and eye catching.

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Covervault Book Cover and Spine Mockup

Books hold valuable and importance concepts. This is also why they are valued as treasures. And being the treasure they are, they need to be guarded in one way or another. This cover vault book cover and spine mockup brings home this point and further heightens the reader’s curiosity as to what it might be about. 

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Book Spine Conclusion

Get a little creative help with our complete collection of  book spine mockups! Whatever creative direction you have in mind, we got you covered. From simple to most elaborate, we’ve got everything to wow you or your clients’ needs. Just hit that download so you could get started!